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NoHo Farmers Market takes pride in showcasing local bands and live entertainment. We not only offer quality live music entertainment, we also provide a safe, clean, and visually exciting environment. With a professional sound system and exciting surroundings, we believe that you will have a wonderful experience.  If you want to check out our live entertainment or you'd like to know what bands are playing, please feel free to contact us at NoHo Farmers Market today.



Live Bands for October 28th, 2017


Schoolcraft and Murray: Is an Acoustic Guitar Comedy Duo that perform their own material. They play songs that are  loaded with cool grooves, tasty licks and lyrics marinated with wit. Somehow, they are influenced by Steely Dan, Lyle Lovett, Carlos Santana, and Slim Whitman all at the same time. Click here to learn more about them and here watch their videos!




SIDEPROJECT: Is a local LA Indie Rock Duo, they play their own music and also play cover songs.


Live Entertainment



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